Guide For Company Registration In Singapore

If you are considering the thought of relocation of your existing company or the registration of a new company in Singapore, this guide for company registration in Singapore would help you in limitless ways.

One of the first things that you need to remember while opting for company registration in Singapore is that a big majority of companies in the Asia’s financial capital are registered as private limited liability companies (also called private limited companies). This company is a different legal entity and shareholders of the company are not liable for debts of the company beyond the amount of share capital contributed by them. The second thing that you should know is that any person (local or foreign) above the age of 18 can register a company in Singapore.

Company Registration In Singapore

Here are some important facts about company formation:

  • The name of the company must be approved before incorporation of the company in Singapore can happen.
  • A minimum of one resident director (a permanent resident, a Singapore Citizen, or a person who has been issued an Employment Pass, Dependent Pass, or Entrepass) is mandatory. There is however no limit on the number of additional foreign or local directors. The directors must not be bankrupt and should not be convicted of any malpractice and they must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A private limited company in Singapore can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 50 shareholders. Hundred percent of local or foreign shareholding is permitted and a director and shareholder can be the same or a different individual.
  • Within 6 months of its incorporation, every company must appoint a qualified company secretary as per Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act. The CS must be a natural person who is an ordinarily resident of Singapore. If the company has a single director/shareholder, he or she cannot act as the Company Secretary.

To know more, visit startup company incorporation Singapore now.

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Things Most First-Time Home Buyers Don’t Consider

It is always said events of life change the personality of an individual and his family. The same is true about buying a home. After all, selection of the right home in the right neighborhood or the complete opposite can be the difference between a happy family and a not-so-happy family. In this article, we have tried to highlight things most first-time home buyers do not consider at all and why they should be emphasized upon.


For some of us, buying a home can be an emotional process. However, it is best to keep emotions aside when evaluating houses. This may look impossible but it can be handled easily by making a checklist of the must-haves, good-to-haves, and other essentials. Once you are done with this, make a checklist and take some prints. Cross each item off the list that the home you visited has. Thereafter, take some time out to choose the best home that has the most must-haves, good-to-haves, and other essentials.

A mistake that is commonly and unknowingly committed by most homebuyers is that they fail to identify all the expenses when they are budgeting for the home. For this, you need to calculate costs associated with taxes, insurance, taxes, principal, interest, commuting cost, upgrades’ costs, utility bill costs, etc. Once you are done with all, it will be time to budget all of these expenses and find out of if you can still manage to afford the house.

After this, you need to find out the best and smartest real estate agents who have a reputation of serving their clients best and get them best deals. If you are new to this, you can simply make a quick and customized search on the internet like property agent in Singapore. This search will help you access contact details of some of the best property agents in the town who can help you get the best home deal.

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Why Choose Public Address Systems On Rent?

Why Choose Public Address Systems On Rent

If you are looking to rent Public address (PA) audio systems on rent but finding it hard to find the best service provider, this article on PA system rental would be of great interest to you. Continue Reading

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3 Ways to Relieve Your Small Business’s Burdens

A small business owner’s work is never done. As soon as you’ve addressed one issue within your organization, several others pop up. While you’re grateful for all the success your business has enjoyed, there’s no denying that your resources are being stretched very thin. Not only are you at your wit’s end, your employees are downright exhausted. Fortunately, there are several simple, cost-effective ways to lighten consistently massive workloads.

3 Ways to Relieve Your Small Business’s Burdens

Outsource Your Customer Service

If performing customer service-related duties in addition to their regular jobs has left your staff thoroughly exhausted, why not outsource your business’s customer service? This is particularly easy in the case of contact center outsourcing. All of your company’s incoming customer queries will be directed to a professional call center and promptly be addressed by trained customer service experts, effectively relieving your employees of a tremendous burden.

Hire a Manager You Can Trust

Every good business owner needs a right-hand man or woman she can trust. Having a dependable second-in-command at the ready will ensure that the burden of running a business isn’t always focused squarely on you. This will enable you to have a life outside of work and dramatically reduce your stress levels, ultimately improving your overall job performance. With this in mind, look for a manager who shares your beliefs and values when it comes to running a business. If you don’t have time to dive right into the hiring process, consider enlisting the aid of a local recruitment firm. You should also think about taking advantage of the substitute employee management services offered by

Consider Reduced Business Hours

If everyone in your organization has been run ragged and you lack the budget to hire additional employees, consider reducing your hours of operation. Starting the workday an hour later or ending it an hour sooner can go a long way in keeping workers well-rested and productive. Alternatively, you may want to think about turning a certain day of the week into a half-day. For example, if business is particularly slow at the beginning or end of the week, making Monday or Friday a half-day may prove cost-effective.

No one ever said owning a small business would be a cake walk. Still, you never expected to be this busy on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs interested in lightening their companies’ workloads would do well to outsource customer service, bring reliable managers onboard and reduce business hours.

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Looking for Office Space? Tips to Help

Where you put your business is obviously a very important factor when you are setting up shop. Even if you aren’t setting up a brand new business, choosing to relocate your office and employees is a big step that shouldn’t be taken too lightly. Believe it or not, a change in office space really can impact your bottom line, both positively and negatively.

Office Space

Before you start shopping you need to have some ideas in mind. Use this guide to help you figure out which Chicago office space would be just right for you.

How Many Employees?

The most obvious consideration when you are looking for office space is how many employees you have. For example, if you have 25 employees you’re not going to need half of a building downtown to house your staff. However, if you have 250, you may need a very large space in order to properly conduct business.

You also need to think about what type of work your employees do. Do you have a firm of architects who all have supplies and important tasks to do? Do they require offices? Alternatively, are you hiring people for telemarketing and cubicles in a larger, more open space will do nicely?

Figure out what you need in terms of space before you really start looking into different types of offices. While it can be hard to figure out, you should be able to get a rough idea by looking at floor plans and occupancy.

What About Customers?

If you interface with customers and clients in your office you may need more space to conduct business in an appropriate manner. That’s because you’ll likely need a waiting area and the ability to decorate your space in a pleasing and professional manner. It’s hard to fit items like potted plants into small office space with low ceilings, so if you entertain customers or clients there regularly, you’ll want something a bit more visually appealing.

You’ll also need to figure out where your customers are and make sure you’re in a decent location. You don’t want to invite customers to a bad part of town or a remote area of the city when you’re trying to get them to hire you. On the other hand, businesses that don’t require customers to visit can benefit from the lower costs of more remote locations.

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How To Identify The Best Provider Of Corporate Secretarial Services?

If you are planning to incorporate a new company or have recently incorporated a company, it is important for you to note that you should appoint a Company Secretary within a period of six months from the date of incorporation. However, the task of identifying the best provider of corporate secretarial services is tedious and therefore best handled by an industry expert like a corporate services Singapore-based Company.

corporate secretarial services

Before we offer tips on how to compare different providers of corporate services, let us have a close look at corporate secretarial services to gain a clear understanding.

The segment of corporate secretarial services includes documenting resolutions to lodge changes with the regulatory body like the ACRA, preparation of Annual General Meeting and submission of Annual Return to the regulatory body, statutory filing compliance, maintenance of proper corporate secretarial records, corporate Governance compliance deadlines and procedures, and board of Directors meeting documents and preparation work.

It is for these and many more critical responsibilities that you should hire no one but the best. For this, it is important that you select a trusted name in the segment of corporate secretarial services that has decades of management services experience. Secondly, the service provider should provide a platform from where your organization can easily and swiftly move to the next stage of growth with confidence. Thirdly, the services rendered by dedicated, experienced, and qualified corporate service providers should be focused on client satisfaction without compromising on quality of the final deliverables.

To find out the best out of the rest, it is important for you to first set your expectations and then make a quick search online for the best providers of corporate secretarial services. After you have identified a few, you just need to compare their products and plans to find out the best.

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