Paid Music Service To Be Launched By YouTube

Google Inc’s YouTube will soon be launching the much-awaited paid monthly subscription service called YouTube Music Key in a couple of months, according to Robert Kyncl, the online video service’s head of content and business operations.

Paid Music Service To Be Launched By YouTube

According to a company spokeswoman, the beta version of the service is currently being tested and is available by invitation. “There is a subset of audience who wants more things so they are used to paying for those. We don’t think it changes anything for existing users,” Kyncl said.

For some time, YouTube has been exploring a paid, ad-free version of its service and introduced a pilot program in 2013 that permitted content creators to charge a subscription fee to consumers for accessing a particular “channel” of videos.

In November, Google said the subscription for the ad-free service will start at $7.99 per month. YouTube Music Key will allow users to watch videos offline and listen to music while other apps are working. It is touted as the streaming service for people who do not like streaming services. With this launch, music lovers can download for offline listening and play in the background on the phone.

If you are already subscribed to Google Play Music All Access, you will be automatically enrolled in Music Key and vice-versa.

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SMBs Ready To Increase Internet Marketing Spend In 2015

internet marketing

The “SMB Internet Marketing Survey 2014,” has revealed that 37 percent of small businesses plan on spending more money on Internet-based marketing in 2015 as compared to 21 percent in the last year.

“There has been a 16 percent rise in SMBs that plan to increase their internet marketing spend over the next 12 months, giving those of us involved with local search/marketing a positive indicator for our businesses in 2015,” wrote the authors of the report. “Forty-seven percent of businesses are unsure about whether they will change their spend level in 2015 – so maybe this figure of 37 percent will actually increase if business conditions are positive in 2015.”

The survey also revealed that 32% find internet marketing to be “very effective” at attracting new customers (vs. 27% in 2013) and 75% believe that online marketing is ‘effective’ or ‘very effective’ at attracting new customers (vs. 68% in 2013).

In January, a survey published by Conductor showed that 65 percent of senior marketers planned to spend more on marketing technology in 2015 than they did last year and 28 percent of marketers plan on boosting spending by as much as 25 percent.

“These days, marketers need huge swaths of data to stay competitive and understand their growing digital businesses,” wrote the authors of the report. “Technology makes it possible to scale data collection, analysis, and reporting. This study made it clear there’s a growing focus on technology among marketing executives.”

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Commercial Property Market Of Europe Hottest Since 2007

According to a report by research firm Real Capital Analytics (RCA) released on Wednesday, the commercial property market of Europe sizzled last year with demand for real estate in Paris, buoyant second-tier British and German markets, and strong private equity interest in Ireland and Spain sending deals to their highest level since the financial crisis.

commercial property market

The report disclosed that Europe saw 213.1 billion euros ($241.7 billion) of commercial real estate transactions in 2014, a rise of 13 percent over 2013. It was further revealed that enthusiasm of investors for safe haven Paris led France as a whole to a 31 percent rise in investment volumes.

“Political and economic uncertainty in France deterred investors in 2012 and 2013, leaving assets in Paris attractively priced relative to the other core investment markets of western Europe,” said Tom Leahy, RCA’s director of EMEA analytics.

Simon Mallinson, RCA’s managing director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said prospects for the market look good in 2015 after the decision of the European Central Bank in January to pump hundreds of billions of stimulus money into the region’s economy. “Quantitative easing will lower interest rates for an extended period of time to support real estate investment in the euro zone, while the weaker euro may attract more international investors to buy assets,” he said.

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Why To Buy Toy RC Helicopter For Sale-Advantages Of Remote Controlled Helicopters

If you want to provide hours of enjoyment for your child, there is nothing better than a Toy remote controlled helicopter. With no assembly required and ready to fly, a Toy RC Helicopter is just the ideal gift for a child on his birthday or to make him smile after good grades or a nice gesture/behavior.

Toy RC Helicopter For Sale

One of the biggest benefits of RC helicopters is that they take off vertically that means a long runway area is not required for the toy to fly and bring a smile on the face of your child.

The best part is that this means that the child can interrelate with technology and can run behind the RC helicopter making him physically and mentally robust. Also, remote controlled helicopters like 3D Gyro RC Helicopter does not require complicated maintenance. Spare parts of Toy RC helicopter for sale are widely available in the market.

If that was not all, a remote controlled helicopter does not results in harmful fumes and other toxics that make it an excellent option for every kid. Also, a RC helicopter is not noisier as a gas powered helicopter as the remote controlled toy runs on noiseless batteries that can extend the flying time.

A ready to fly RC helicopter is an ideal option for beginners as well as kids who have spent some hours flying electronic planes or helicopters. RC helicopters also enjoy widespread popularity with veteran hobbyists and a big majority of teenagers and adults.

To buy a Toy remote controlled helicopter, you can simply visit a reputed online shopping portal that deals in quality RC helicopters. Once you have selected the right remote controlled helicopter toy for your child, you can make a quick payment using safe and secured payment options like debit and credit cards.

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Business Ideas

People are beginning to find out that retirement funds don’t work the way they once did. Before the US was taken off of the “Gold Standard,” the US’ system of retirement worked. The reason it no longer works is because of inflation. Inflation appears like things are costing more money. What’s really occurring is that the dollar is decreasing in value. This is why it takes more dollars to buy the same gallon of milk. Money that is tucked away today can’t keep up with inflation. Say $3 is put away in a retirement account. By the time that money can be taken out, the same $3 that could have bought a gallon of milk today will not be able to buy it in 20 years when milk may cost $15 a gallon. Putting money away for retirement doesn’t help much. In addition, other accounts don’t yield much interest either. Hardly anything can keep up with inflation.

Business Ideas

People are going into various businesses in an effort to keep a steady stream of income coming in. This is one of the best methods for guaranteeing being able to afford a gallon of milk in the future and everything else that needs purchasing. With inflation increasing, people who have businesses can keep up with inflation through regular intake of funds through their services. Some people take to real estate to do rental properties while others seek out to do sales. There are amazing opportunities available as well. For instance, Cold Stone Creamery franchise offers the franchise without costing a fee to get started.

Whether someone decides to get into sales or rely on passive income, maintaining the ability to keep collecting money is important. Some people get involved in trading. While it’s important to get fully educated on how to do trading, it’s very rewarding. Those who can invest more than $10 thousand can get on the “fast track,” which enables people to trade in quicker time because they receive their money back faster after they sell. People who have less to invest have to wait a longer time to receive their money from selling. This is true for people who invest in gold as well. The market can fluctuate $50 a day. Investing a few ounces at a time can yield a profit of $150 a day depending upon when it’s bought and sold.

There are many options for people to explore. The important thing to remember is to steadily bring in income to keep up with inflation.

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5 Benefits of Online Rental Agreement

Before has launched the concept of online rental agreement, the scenario of making a rental agreement used to be a time consuming one, wherein you need to get hold of an advocate and get it written and then going to the court to stamp it. It is more of a day affair when you are required to be on your toes for the entire day which and making a rental agreement used to be a time consuming one, wherein you need to get hold of an advocate and get it written and then going to the court to stamp it. It is more of a day affair when you are required to be on your toes for the entire day which, leaving you tired and exhausted. Hence has come up with the concept of online rental agreement where you can have the agreement done in couple of minutes by filling some details and get the stamp done and delivered on your door step within 48 hours. Well that sounds good…apart from that, there are some considerations, wherein the online rental agreement has its contribution to make a life an easier one

5 Benefits of Online Rental Agreement

Time saving

Yeah…the first and foremost is the time factor. Once you are landed on the online rental agreement page, all you need to do is to fill up the required details and the draft of your rental agreement will be getting ready. There are eight steps where you need to fed the relevant details and your rental agreement will be drafted simultaneously, hence by the end of the process you have the rental agreement ready with you which is a time saving proposition and also you know about the inclusions


Definitely it is very convenient. Even you have the option to add clauses related to the rental agreement, if there are any. So the formatting is such that, you don’t need to compromise with anything…it’s all there in it…crystal clear

No legal Hassle

If you are bothered about the authenticity, then let me tell you that these draft has already been pre-approved by the experienced real estate authorities who have already reviewed the document as well as the format. Moreover if you want, will get it stamped before delivering it to you, and you pay them when you receive it

Delivered at the door step

This is the ultimate proposition of luxury when you get it delivered on your door steps within 48 hours and you are sorted with your rental agreement

Eliminate the intermediaries

Through this process you are actually eliminating the intermediaries which includes your meeting with the advocate, paying his fees etc. and fast track the process without hampering your daily schedule.A

This has been initially launched for Bangalore market, with the vision to launch it PAN India. Once the draft is ready, you also have the option to get it e – mailed or download it for your reference apart from getting it delivered with the e – stamping…yes… does the e – stamping and pay it on your behalf with the good faith that you will pay them while you receive your document…

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